Sven Gerrets

Sven Gerrets studied Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he also worked as a teacher for several years after graduating. In addition to teaching, he joined AT5, where he worked as an editor, editor and director. In the meantime, he moved into journalism and published regularly as a freelancer for magazines and media such as VPRO, BNNVARA, Nieuwe Revu and OOR. Over the years he supplemented all this work with special, individual projects in, for example, Buenos Aires, Kiev, Moscow and Iraq.

In recent years he has combined all his experiences as a program maker and event creative. For example, he is primarily responsible for the Nieuwkomers project and the series On the edge of the future (, a collaboration project between Avanti, UvA, VU, Windesheim and Aeres University of Applied Sciences. This project has just been renewed for a third season.

Sven is working on, among other things, “Op de rand van de toekomst”. See all Svens Events here:

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